Novarium Releases New Single "Virus"

August 18, 2020

Washington, DC goth metal band Novarium released the music video for their single "Virus". This single couldn't have been released at a better time than now. Despite the band members currently being scattered across opposite coasts, they have been actively working hard on creating new music for their second EP. With this release,the band is giving their fans a taste of what to expect from their upcoming work and showcasing their rebirth as they are now evolving their sound.


Founded in 2013, this band set out to mix the elements of doom, progressive and symphonic metal with the dark ambience of synth and orchestral elements. They successfully were able to create a sound of their own and continue to explore new avenues for their music.

About the single, lead vocalist Jen Janet states:


“Virus” uses god/goddess imagery and gothic lyrics to describe human nature. It’s about loving someone and putting them on a pedestal, but that person changes, becoming selfish and evil. Although we are in the midst of a pandemic at the moment, we wrote this song quite a while ago. It seemed fitting to release it now with current events. It’s about understanding the virus inside ourselves – the dark parts of ourselves and coming to terms with them and who we are. Humans are not god and evil, there are always parts of us that will perform good deeds, and parts that will perform evil actions as well. Understanding that is an important part of understanding society and the confusing time in our current social and political climate.

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