GRANT Releases Music Video For Single 'Words' And Announces EP Drop For The Fall

August 11, 2020

Stockholm, Sverige based 25-year-old artist GRANT is back with a new music video for her stunning single "Words". Along with this latest release, she has also confirmed that she will drop a new EP in this fall. This single is just the first taste of what's to come from this chapter of her life.

Recorded in both Oslo and Stockholm and co-produced by Martin Sjølie (Sigrid, Aurora) and Swedish duo Teofrans, ‘Words’ contemplates the various relationship dynamics, up and downs, GRANT reveals, "I think relationships are a bit like religion, it has faith and rituals and when you doubt you should take comfort in knowing, it’s because you care.” She continues. “It takes courage to endure. That is love. Briefly we peek outside our window and wonder if what we do matters and if these rituals are giving us what we need. In time we start to mirror each other, we form a language and we have predictable habits, but I still can’t read his mind. There’s no absolution and certainties are momentary even when they last a lifetime. Looking at it that way, the idea of mundane seem kind of insane to me. But I try, and that is also love."

With the arrival of her full-length debut In Bloom (2018), Swedish artist GRANT emerged as an undeniable force on the alternative pop scene, enchanting audiences with her spellbinding voice and storytelling. Layered with her nuanced meditations on mental health and self-love, the album earned GRANT a “Newcomer of the Year” nomination at the 2019 Swedish Grammy Awards — where she had previously delivered a show-stopping performance of her breakthrough single ’Waterline' — and quickly drew acclaim from some of the world’s most respected critics.

Born Alma Caroline CederlöfGRANT grew up on a farm in the countryside outside Stockholm, spending much of her childhood among the horses, “singing and imagining the different possibilities of life.

After falling in love with performing upon joining an after-school music program at age nine, she studied jazz singing while attending music school full-time during her high-school years. Along with mastering the jazz phrasing that informs her music today, GRANT delved into pop music for the first time, having mostly grown up on artists from the UK ’90s alternative music scene (PJ Harvey, Tricky, Massive Attack, Björk). Once she’d finished school, GRANT began blurring those genres by writing a song a day, soon trading her given name for a moniker inspired by Cary Grant (“I wanted a name that had some masculinity about it, since I’m a very tender, girly person,” she explains).


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