Cinzia & The Eclipse release new single "Don't Call Me Up"

July 20, 2020

"Don't Call Me Up" is the latest song from an indie artist called Cinzia & The Eclipse. This song is very soothing & relaxing to listen to. This single is about letting go of those memories & moving forward to the next chapter in life. Cinzia wrote this song because her ex had told her about those memories she & him had, since then he had learned to move on but she couldn't. In some of her lyrics it describes both anger & sadness as she comes to term with her heartbreak. "Don't Call Me Up If You Are Not In Love With Me Anymore". These lyrics tells a story that you can overcome any obstacles you face & in the end it only makes you more stronger than you ever was before. 

You can find her latest single on any music platforms and also you can check Cinzia & The Eclipse on the social medias below.


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