Bad Omens Release Acoustic Video Of Their Single 'Limits'

July 17, 2020

Los Angeles, CA metal band Bad Omens recently released their music video for their acoustic verse of their single "Limits". The vocalist, Noah's ranges can clearly be heard and it's a perfectly beautiful executed version of the original release.

“What makes us a rock band is the fact we play instruments, but we’ve always been pretty experimental in terms of post-production,” explains Noah. “We dove after a specific sound without boundaries. What separates us is the attention to detail in every song.”

Since their self-titled debut in 2016, these guys have worked diligently to make a name for themselves and create more music. They released their second album, Finding God Before God Finds Me in August 2019 then in January they released the Deluxe Edition.


We just want you to feel something. Nothing in the world is stronger than emotion. It makes us human, gives us soul, and separates us. We tried to make this album like a movie where it captivates you immediately, takes you on a journey, and gives you a positive payoff.

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