Doc Hammer Release New Single 'Terrorizer' Against Police Brutality

July 4, 2020

San Diego, CA hardcore band Doc Hammer is back with a new single "Terrorizer". This single is in response to the ongoing fight for justice during a pandemic for Black Lives Matter against Police brutality. The video itself is of clips all over the US of protests, marches, and riots happening across every state. Along with the footage, the video also names all the people who have been murdered due to police unwarranted violence.


Although these guys are known for not taking things seriously and just wanting to create music people can mosh and party to, they are serious with taking the current stance of standing with the people to spread awareness of our reality during this movement.

In the video's caption, they have a link to donate to National Resources List to help people do their part.


"In light of recent events, Doc Hammer has decided to route together a new track accompanied by a new video. We're doing our best to raise awareness on police brutality the only way we know how. We're posting this for as many eyes as possible. The content may seem a bit intense for some, but we believe it is far more intense in person and we've had enough. Stay safe.

Make sure to check out Doc Hammer through their links below.


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