Stoner Metal Band Green Fiend Releases Music Video for Single 'Stonedly We Rot'

June 20, 2020

Charlotte, North Carolina's metalhead stoners, degenerates and crooks, Green Fiend have returned from the smoke and shadows with their latest music video for their single "Stonedly We Rot".


This single is everything you would expect from these guys, it is a cocaine-covered sledgehammer of stoner death sure to destroy minds and incite madness.


They made their debut in 2016 via a split EP with fellow North Carolina band Toke. Since then, Green Fiend has become a Charlotte stoner metal staple and have released two more EPs. The quintet are currently plotting a new record which will feature the single "Stonedly We Rot".

"'Stonedly We Rot' was born from our love for old school death metal, and our desire to pay homage to that love by writing our heaviest material yet," says guitarist John Stone. "We had been tossing about the idea of covering a song by the band Obituary, but in typical Green Fiend fashion we just couldn't pick one we all agreed on, so we decided to instead write our own song that paid tribute to the forefathers of death metal while also progressing and developing Green Fiend's already established heaviness."

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