8snake Release "Eight" Album

June 20, 2020

UK based progressive/alternative rock band 8snake (formally known as Francesco Fonte Band) recently released their album Eight and was released on NMTCG records. This is their latest release since their debut album Blue Omens which was released back in 2011 and their EP Arousal Addiction in 2013.


Due to their sound, they have been compared to be a mixture of Pink Floyd, Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Nick Cave, and The Doors. Currently, they are focusing on their unique sound and in the process of creating more new material with the band name change.

00:00 "Necropolis Eye"

5:12 "Sun"

12:59 "Universe Garden" 

19:02 "Bloody Dream"

26:29 "Dancer Of Love" 

32:17 "Never Ending" 

42:42 "Burn" 

49:44 "The Dark Heath"


Pictures by Torturett from The Dark Side

Make sure to check out 8snake through their social media links below.


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