Sludge Doom Metal Band Walk Through Fire Releases Third Studio Album "Vår Avgrund"

June 11, 2020

Gothenburg, Sweden, sludge doom quintet Walk Through Fire recently returned with their third studio album entitled Vår Avgrund, which means "Our Abyss" in Swedish.


This is the follow up to their 2014 second album Hope Is Misery. This group decided to experiment a bit by studying the music of contemporary classical composer Arvo Pärt, resulting in a live recording with the band reinterpreting Arvo Pärt’s compositions. The use of an organ really broadened their musical horizons, adding an extra layer onto their minimalistic sludge sound and slow-burning and acidic vocals, so they’ve decided to incorporate it as full-time instrument.


Their latest album runs for 75 minutes and is meant to be listened as one integral piece, pulling and dragging you deeper into the abyss. Every chord, every snare hits the spot and is as important as the space in between to recreate an atmosphere of despair and gloominess. Six years after their last release, Walk Through Fire really prove they have found their own unique style of writing slow and extreme music.


The album is the first with lyrics in Swedish, with themes circling mostly around the inevitability of tragedy and suffering in life, both as individuals, and as a collective. And these themes are perfectly visualized by long-time friend of the band, Göran Nilsson (Hydra Illustration).

Listen to Vår Avgrund here.


Make sure to follow Walk Through Fire and their record label through their social media links below.


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