RYDYR Releases Two New Singles 'Dream Alone' and 'See You Around'

June 10, 2020

Los Angeles based singer/songwriter RYDYR (aka Cole Pendery) has recently released two singles called "Dream Alone" and "See You Around" both accompanied by music videos, they are the first singles off his soon to be released EP. "Dream Alone" is about an internal dialogue showcasing fluttering harmonies and vocals that stretch from vulnerable verses into a hummable hook, "I dream alone." His EP will feature bold and bright pop, offset with alternative adventurousness and timeless rockstar ambition, rooted in live instrumentation and unfiltered lyrics.

The idea behind the name of his new alias came from his mother's maiden name "Ryder" but he had changed the spelling. He ultimately settled on the palindrome RYDYR, meaning you can spell it the same way forward and backward and represents how he is the same inside and out. Striving to give listeners his truth through art and meaningful music, RYDYR symbolizes being transparent to the process and embodies truth but also provides him a vehicle to step out of himself.


Originally from a small town south of Dallas, Texas, he made the choice to relocate to LA to launch his career in entertainment booking gigs from Disney Channel to joining the pop sensation known as IM5 gaining tens of millions of streams and views, touring the world, and performing for countless fans. After this success, he is now ready to venture into a solo career and has been writing songs throughout 2018 and 2019 which are now apart of his 2020 EP release whom he recored alongside producer Zakk Cervini (Good Charlotte, Poppy).


To go a step further, he founded his own label Shadowwood Records in order to release his music. This in itself is an homage to the backwoods trail, Shadowwood Road, that his late creative and eclectic grandfather had built. He's using this as his inspiration to carve his own similar path and build a platform for himself and other artists alike to flourish in the industry.

I want to make music and art for people as long as I can. There’s nothing more powerful than connecting on stage and in the studio. RYDYR is my alias and creative outlet. That’s who RYDYR is and who I hope he can be the same for listeners.” 

""Dream Alone" can be interpreted a few different ways. I think that's one of the best parts about it. It can fit with whatever it is in your life that you're struggling with, wanting to let go of, or find. I wrote this song with Zakk Cervini. We wanted to convey the story and the feeling of a time in my life when I felt lost and disconnected from my full sense of self, and the journey to find what that all even meant. Sometimes it's scary to feel lost, but it can also be freeing at the same time. This song is like a call of the voice inside you to push through whatever obstacles are in the way on your journey. I think it's especially important given the times we are currently in, and I hope it resonates with people.

RYDYR shared with Billboard



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