Barren Womb Releases "Lizard Lounge"

June 6, 2020

Finland/Norway fearsome sonic force Barren Womb has recently released their album Lizard Lounge on May 22nd through Loyal Blood Records. Known as one of the hardest working in the Norwegian underground, their noise rock stands out amongst their peers through relentless touring, and countless releases since the burst onto the scene in 2011. They perfected their sound and their craft which is evident throughout this 10 song album with unpolished live energy in the studio recordings.

It’s like being thrown in the pit, right in front of them, in a crammed room with spit and sweat flying. It’s hardcore. Northern hardcore. The in-your-face approach of Lizard Lounge can draw parallels from Refused to Clutch, and it carries them on a cathartic journey, leaving the mind and soul free of the angst-ridden emotions Barren Womb put on display in their songs. From start to finish, this album is unapologetically raw, hardcore, in your face, and straight up relentless to show they aren't afraid to push the limits of what they can create.

After nine years following an uncompromising DIY path, Timo and Tony can be melodic, scathing, catchy, intense, punky or heavy as a concrete Chevy. Lizard Lounge shifts between screeching guitars and total anguish to sore and mellow passages, only to leave you floored again with a catchiness unexpected from a band operating in their style. Mind blown. When Barren Womb release a new record, expect the unexpected and still be surprised. These two maniacs can do no wrong.

Check Out Lizard Lounge Here.


01. "Cemetery Slopestyle"
02. "Karma As A Tour Manager"
03. "Hairy Palms"
04. "Crop Circle Jerk"
05. "Smokes, Let's Go"
06. "Molten Pig"
07. "Nerve Salad"
08. "Be Kind, Have Fun And Try Not To Die"
09. "Hydroponic Youth"
10. "You Do The Meth"

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