Combos Releases First Punk/Noise Album "Steelo"

June 4, 2020

Trondheim, Norway punk/noise rock quintet Combos recently released their first album Steelo on may 8th with Loyal Blood Records.


From start to finish, they successfully created n eight song album that shows a young group determined to make their mark with vigorous, dynamic, and catchy blend of punk rock rage with an abrasiveness of noise rock. As each song goes into the next, you find yourself already singing and canting along while wanting to dance, jump, two-step, and open a pit. Their in-your-face energy can be felt and heard throughout the album, you notice you go into it for music and end up getting a sonic experience wanting more.


These guys came onto the scene at the end of 2018 with their debut single "Cookies and Crack" off their debut EP Combos EP as the result of a long line of coincidences that put together guitar player and song writer Thomas Antonsen along with drummer Andreas Kjøl Berg and singer Axel Møller Olsen. During their first year of existence the trio has managed to garner a reputation after a radio hit "Sushiramenbruceleewutangclan" along with a bunch of festivals and concerts later, Combos established themselves as a much believed in, up-and-coming act. With their energetic and buzzy live performances, catchy songs with heavy riffs and neurotic and apathetic lyrics, they prove to be a definite one to watch, and well-deserved of the hype.

"In today’s society a lot of people are stressed out and tense. Not many people want to stick out but want to “play it safe” in an uncomfortable comfort zone. We want to release positive energy and screw all the Norwegian norms and rules by contributing with music for a good experience that is created by everyone not giving a fuck and being free – together."

Track List:

1. "Boom Shakalaka" 

2. "Meme Supreme"

3. "Mad Beef"

4. "Nerdz"

5. "Make Money Take Money"

6. "All About The Wax"

7. "Bro In Pain"

8. "Steelo"


Check out their first album Steelo through the music streaming sites in the links below.

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