A Chat with Emmrose

May 29, 2020

Tell us a little about yourselves. Who is Emmrose?

I’m just a teenager who writes music. I live in NYC and go to a big performing arts high school, so I’m really lucky that I get to learn so many genres of music, like Italian opera and Broadway. I am a voice major, and I don’t think anyone in school even knows I have music out on Spotify. I don’t tell anyone what I do outside of school.


My latest single "Take Me With You" was just released. It was inspired was when one of my close friends was going away for the summer. I didn’t want to be on my own without him, and I got to thinking about if we would be ok after he came back. I would say that most of my inspiration comes from my social interactions at school. So many songs are based on true events - exaggerated sometimes in the lyrics  - but hey, I’m an artist.


You recently released the singles "Hopeless Romantics" and "Tonight" off your soon to be released Hopeless Romantics EP, can you give us an insight to what the writing process was for this?

In 7th grade I got serious about writing music. It developed from a hobby to a passion pretty quickly. I knew it was what I wanted to do forever. I guess I’m the kid that observes things and then they just come out in lyrics and song.

Where do you draw your inspiration for your music?

"The Fool On The Hill" by The Beatles was the last song I listened too. I love the melody and the message. Really, I love all the music by the Beatles. They have such creative production notes, it really is inspiring to listen to as an artist. In Rainbows by Radiohead is definitely one of my favorites. I find the melodies beautiful, and all the lyrics really speak to me.

I’d always picture these insane situations that would never actually happen just like the movies. A ton of my songs are all based on this “too good to be true” and “it’s hopeless but I still think it would happen” mentality.


What message(s) do you hope the listeners will take away from listening to Hopeless Romantics?

It is about the struggle of being a teenager. Having a major crush on someone, getting your heart broken and then finding true love without even looking. It is about the anxiety and depression we experience. The pressure at school both socially and academically.

We all deserve to be loved. But not everyone can love us, and it can be really hard. Those people aren’t worth keeping in your mind. It’s possible to let go.


What genre/sub-genre would you say your music falls under?

Hard to say. Probably Dream Pop.

What made you pursue creating music?

In 7th grade I started writing songs without even realizing it. I got serious about writing music the next year when I wrote Dangerous Eyes. It developed from a hobby to a passion pretty quickly. I knew it was what I wanted to do forever. I guess I’m the kid that observes things and then they just come out in lyrics and song. 

Many artists listen to music outside of their own genre they produce, what kind of music is your go to? Any musical guilty pleasures?

I love Debussy and Puccini. I love music from the 70’s. I listen to everything really.

Aside from music, what other goals do you for yourself?

I’m very focused on school right now. I have to apply for college next year. It’s stressful to be honest.


What advice do you have for anyone who wants to pursue their dreams?


I guess to give it a go. You have to at least try, and then let is take you where it leads you.


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