Darko Releases Three Singles off Debut Album "Dethmask"

May 26, 2020

If you're a fan of Tom Barber the vocalist Chelsea Grin (formally of Lorna Shore) and Baby J the drummer of Emmure, then by now you know that both these talented men have joined forces to bring us all something we didn't know we needed, Darko.

The first single they released to the world was "Devine Void" (featuring Darius Tehrani), their second single "Elctric Body", and their third single "Insects". Both these singles are as heavy as you can imagine proving that both these musicians have more in them to share with the metal world. Each single has an insane range of highs and lows in vocals, the drumming is electrified, and the riffs are insane during the breakdowns.

Not long ago, Tom Barber teased us all on instagram about a side project he had been working on that he couldn't wait to share with his fans and now we finally know what that project is. It was well worth the wait and I'm sure many fans are eagerly awaiting for the release of the debut album Dethmask that is currently available for pre-order.

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