Current Events Releases Music Video for Single 'Desert Dweller'

May 25, 2020

Cincinnati, OH emo, post-rock, and indie band Current Events has released their single "Desert Dweller". I had the opportunity of doing an interview with the band and I gotta say, these guys are sweet and down to earth.


Tell us a little about you guys. Who is Current Events? 


We are an emo/indie rock band from Cincinnati, Ohio. We grew up in the era of emo rock and Warped Tour and we wanted to recapture that sound that came from Drive-Thru records type of bands and make people feel nostalgia with our sound.


You recently released the single "Desert Dweller", can you give us an insight to what the writing process was for this?


The writing process for this was similar to all of our songs. We usually start with our frontman Jake coming up with a guitar part with or without some vocals and sending it to us as a phone recording or showing it to us at practice. We then all kind of write the song together to make sure it has elements and shapes from all of us since we all put our own little twists into our songs. We also like to make sure a song can stand on it's own and be an interesting song with or without vocals. 


What do you guys have planned to release for the rest of the year?


We have several songs in the studio currently that we are working on. Our plan has been to release singles with music videos rather than trying to release full albums or an EP. The way music streaming goes nowadays, it feels like people want to listen to varieties of singles and playlists rather than listen to full albums regularly. We are unfortunately being a little delayed due to the pandemic and the fact that our drummer works on a COVID-19 unit at a hospital and has to keep his distance from us.


Where do you guys draw your inspiration for your music?


Our inspiration comes from a lot of different genres including pop, pop punk, indie, emo, post rock and even hardcore bands. A few of us actually have hardcore and metal backgrounds.


What message(s) do you hope the listeners will take away from listening to this single?


We hope that people listen to Desert Dweller and are inspired by the lyrics to look into some deeper topics and want to create music based on those topics. That idea is actually where the band name sparked from.


What made you guys pursue creating music?


I think being inspired by different bands has always been the main spark that ignited the fire, but a few of our guys had other reasons as well. Our drummer Kyle grew up with his mom playing in bands and his father photographing bands for a local music station. Brian's father is in a band called Midnight Star who had some real success in the 80's and had a couple Gold albums as well as a platinum album. So Brian had a great role model to look up to.


How did you guys meet?


We all kind of have a long history with each other. We've been friends for years, but our vocalist Jake, and drummer Kyle tried to start Current Events back in 2010. Due to not being able to find the right members and changing sounds few times the band didn't officially start until late 2015. Brian and Kevin didn't join us until the late 2018 and played their first shows with the band in 2019. 


Many artists/bands listen to music outside of their own genre they produce, what kind of music is your go to? Any musical guilty pleasures?


Kyle - A lot of hardcore bands.  Weirdly enough, my guilty pleasure is probably The 1975.

Jake- I lean into top 40's country and my guilty pleasure is mumble rap.

Brian- My go to would be hardcore and Too Dawg Entertainment. Guilty pleasure is trap rap and djent.

Kevin- Metalcore is a genre I really like. Guilty please is Hillary Duff....


Aside from music, what other goals do you guys have for yourself?


It differs a bit with each band member. Brian just got engaged this year. Kevin is a father of two girls. Kyle is getting his degree and Jake is a fairly new homeowner. So we have a lot going on outside of music as well.


What advice do you have for anyone who wants to pursue their dreams and start a band?


Jam with each other as much as you can and listen to everyone's input in the band. Sometimes the weirdest idea can turn into your best musical parts or best songs. Everything is worth exploring.


As a parting, is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?


Keep on the lookout for new music from us soon and stay healthy and safe! Support local music.


Thank you guys for your time. Good luck with your musical journey!

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