Former NFL Player Joe Barksdale Releases Single 'Black Majik'

May 6, 2020

Austin Texas' very own Joe Barksdale recently released his single "Black Magic" off his soon to be released EP, Sincerely which is due to be out this Fall. Known for his former career as an NFL player for the Oakland Raiders, Los Angeles Rams, and San Diego Chargers, he is now embarking on a new career and passion as a indie rock/electric soul singer/songwriter.


"Black Majik is a song about temptation. Temptation to do the wrong things when the right things are in front of you. The power that certain things/people/etc have over you can often be described as black magic. “Black majik, in my phone” is an example of such temptation. How many contacts do you have in your phone that you need to delete because there is too much temptation there? “Black Majik, got me a car. Black Majik won’t get far"

While whatever is tempting you will be good to you and often get you what you want in the moment, you later realize that it won’t get you far in the bigger scheme of things…"


Joe had discovered he fell in love with playing guitar towards the end of his 2013 season while playing for the Rams. It wasn't until he had suffered a tragic loss that his love for music became a passion while he was in the midst of healing from his pain. His first project began in 2017, Butterflies, Rainbows, & Moonbeams.

"“Black Majik” provides a heavy dose of gritty blues with a traditional call-and-response interplay between the straightforward lyrics and the infectious, wah-heavy guitar riff. The song is a steering-wheel-palm-slapper for anyone driving around at night trying to resist the tornado of temptation that’s sometimes just a phone call away."-American Songwriter


While he may only have a few years of experience on his instrument, Joe Barksdale demonstrates that he is a quick study. The scope of this disc, and the diversity of sounds in the arrangements, also make it clear that he has been a serious student of music for most of his life. It is an interesting assortment, with blues being a key element. When his football career comes to an end, it will be interesting to see how far he can go with music.”-Blues Blast Magazine


Make sure to keep up to date with Joe Barksdale through the social media links below.


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