Zach Brandon Releases Music Video for Single 'Top Of The Hill'

April 21, 2020

Los Angeles native, Zach Brandon recently released his music video for his single "Top Of The Hill" off his first full-length album Sand and Stone. This single is a beautifully crafted song that takes you back to the early 2000's making you nostalgic for the music you would hear off of a One Tree Hill soundtrack. His indie rock sound is beautiful, soulful, and says all the words some are trying to find.


At just 23-years-old, his guitar-led, raspy vocals, and unfiltered honesty shines right through each song he releases. Each song touches upon real problems he has faced in his life from love, to loss, and the bittersweet ups and downs of life itself that makes the human experience. He hopes to be able to connect people with his words for those who need them most. Zach had tragically lost his mother at a young age due to cancer and in his sophomore year at USC, he suffered a near-paralyzing injury. These experiences didn't hold him back, instead as he says, “The songwriter in me was born.”

I wrote the ‘Top of the Hill’ from a place where my excitement and hopefulness outweighed my uncertainty about my future. I wanted a video that represented many different, diverse people who continue to move forward and smile regardless of their circumstances. For me, that is the essence of the song, the spirit of unyielding optimism and hope, that I believe this video embodies. I was once taught that we can only control how we react to our circumstances, not the circumstances themselves, and I carry that with me every day. Hopefully, that sentiment shines through the 'Top of the Hill' video.” - Zach Brandon.

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