Court Order Release New Single 'Future Machine'

April 10, 2020

Local Brooklyn, New York/New Jersey metalcore/hardcore band Court Order is back with a new single and a lyric video for "Future Machine" off their soon to be released EP, and we are one of few to get the exclusive premier video. If you caught their in the studio quarantine set recently, then you heard the first taste of this single but now it's here in all it's glory.

Lyric Video by Malevolent Media

Recorded February 7-9th @ Mercury Studios

Produced by Jerry Ramos & Court Order 


"We all understand that we have days in our lives that are true testaments of the human experience. Those big deal moments where we know we have to get things right. Moments we know we have to go through in order to grow. Big presentations for work, exam days, job interviews, and even this band has showcases we have to nail to move to the next tier. All “big boy” life events that can help us get to some vision of personal serenity that we use to define success. Sometimes those moments go well and help define who we are, and even propel our livelihood. But sometimes they don’t, and that’s when we have to consider trying something different or walking away from discomfort completely.
Sometimes it’s hard to contain what our insides are screaming at us when we’re somewhere we don’t want to be to begin with, but recognize we have to play by some fabricated, political house rules because we’re held to a certain level of accountability in this world. That’s why we chose to end the song with such an abrupt and ruthless meltdown. The lyrics aren’t much, but they speak to our mindset at an age where we’re constantly left fighting to take back personal control."

CO ✖️


Court Order Members:

Zay - Guitars

Oscar - Guitars

JJ - Vocals

Ace - Drums

JD - Bass

Make sure to keep up to date with Court Order through their social media links below. They'll be releasing their latest EP VERY soon so you won't want to miss out on it.


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