MOONZz Releases 'Runnin' Music Video

April 7, 2020

Los Angeles singer/songwriter MOONZz recently released the single "Runnin" off her EP Modern Ritual. The song itself is about domestic abuse, abuse of power, and feeling controlled. In the video you see MOONZz as a marionette doll that breaks her strings towards the end of the song.


To go along with the release, she had told


"'Runnin' is all about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel even in those moments when you don't feel like you can see it, when you're in the middle of the struggles of everyday life. The themes that I felt needed to be covered more openly were struggle and breakthrough, which I say a lot. Overcoming those fears and facing problems head on. Knowing your worth - that's a big one - and finding that strength within you, knowing that you can get out of something if it's not bringing you joy. 


It was important to me for the video to touch on really visceral, intense storylines of people going through their work life with an inappropriate boss or an abuse of power in the workplace. I really wanted people to be able to watch the video and say, "Wow, you know, I have experienced something like this. Maybe I didn't say anything and I kind of just went on with my day, but it's not okay." It's not okay for us to normalize all of this and I really wanted express that.


The other story is all about domestic abuse. The female in the video is always cleaning up after her husband and always looking out for him, and he's just totally manipulative and doesn't ever see what he's doing wrong. She's always offering herself and she finally comes to the realization that that's not the life she wants. She's not going to take the abuse anymore and she's going to get out of it while she can, because she's strong, she's empowered, and she's capable. 


My story line as the marionette doll was very much about feeling controlled and being in this very small environment, on this little stage, and I don't know what it's like outside of that space or where I stand. I come out for entertainment. I do my job and that's that. At the end of the video, it's all about breaking those chains and running free and there's light at the end of that tunnel.


They all metaphorically tie in together and I wanted it to be a powerful representation of strength and perseverance. I feel like it has resonated already, and I hope that it catches on and is shared and shared and shared. I hope that people who have experienced this firsthand or maybe a friend of theirs has experienced it - anyone in their circle and beyond - that they have the courage to stand up for themselves. Especially given the climate that we're in right now, with the #MeToo movement, it felt so important and relevant to bring up these emotive topics."



Praise for MOONZz


MOONZz's talent is out of this world—literally.” – V Magazine


[MOONZz is] blessed with a fierce set of pipes that execute R&B runs with effortless aplomb...” - Noisey


MOONZz’ voice is the light illuminating the sky, and her lyrics the fuel that create a visual representation of the story she sings about.” - Ones to Watch


Los Angeles-based singer MOONZz has one of those voices that's enticingly spunky and emotional, with the ability to send chills down the spine of the modern day listener.” – Earmilk

Watch the music video for "RUNNIN" here.


Make sure to check out MOONZz through the social media links below and check out her EP Modern Ritual out now.


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