Brookline Releases 'Sinking' Music Video and Announce Next Single 'Dive In'

April 2, 2020

Earlier this month, Upstate New York based alternative rock band Brookline announced their second single release, "Dive In" which is available as of March 27th. Along with the announcement, they released the first single off their EP with their music video for "Sinking". Their soon to be released next single will deliver a versatile sound that mixes together the elements of pop and alternative rock music as well as post-hardcore.


"Dive In" was the very first song we wrote after releasing our EP ‘Fade’ last winter and subsequently has undergone the most change since its inception. Everything about this song from its structure to its lyrical subject matter has evolved and grown with us over this past year and it's for that reason we felt it was the best representation of the EP and chose to release it as a single.


This EP release is a turning point for this group at this time in their music career because their vocalist Mikey Pace is preparing to be deployed into the United States Army. For right now, they are coming together to release this next wave of new material and it is their most polished sound to date and will highlight their ever continuing evolution.


Originally formed in 2018, this group consists of Mikey Pace and Dae Bennett on guitars, Chris Fox on drums, with vocals from Tommy Carter. The best way to describe their sound is a mix of 90's alternative rock, post hardcore, pop punk, and emo. Their second EP was released last February, Fade (Tommy Carter was the vocalist at this time). Over the years they have experienced lineup changes and short breaks to recuperate.


Early on this year, they started working on their third EP, Where Do I Go From Here which was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jake Mannix at Mixed by Mannix in Scotia, New York. This EP will feature four new tracks that express the meanings of self confidence and perseverance through difficult times, as well as dealing with loss and the unknown.

Watch the music video for "Sinking" here.


Make sure to check out Brookline through their social media links below and keep a lookout for their third EP to be released very soon.


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