"Killer On The Loose" off 'A Hopeless Noise' LP

March 29, 2020

Red Mass' latest single "Killer on the Loose" is an explosive celebration of every horror, slasher, and thriller you know and love. Inspired by Bret Easton Ellis' tales of nihilism and decadence, "Killer on the Loose" tells a story of a character who is grappling with the world falling all around her, and resorting to violence to pick herself back up. Rick Froberg's frantic energy combined with Mac DeMarco's chill demeanor perfectly emulates the internal struggle of the Diamond Girl as she fights to control her mental state and find her place while ultimately succumbing to her demons towards the end of her spree. As the band explains -


"The character at the centre of the song is the Diamond Girl, whose world has crumbled around her. Her violent tendencies and destructive nature are meant to exhibit the first signs of her psychosis. As the Diamond Girl’s mental state deteriorates, she opts to react with violence. This track is one piece of a bigger story which explores the Diamond Girl’s fall from grace, engaging with delusions of grandeur and the deeper recesses of this character’s personality disorder."

Based in Montréal, Québec, Red Mass is a collective of musicians and artists that has seen over 100 people pass through its ranks over the decade it has been creating sound. Written by Roy Vucino and Hannah Lewis, "Killer on the Loose" features Roy Froberg on main vocals, Mac DeMarco on backing vocals, Mike Watt on bass, Pouf Ze clown on drums, Roy Vucino, Phil Clem, and Him the Maji on guitars, and Hannah Lewis on synths. You can find this track on their new album A Hopeless Noise, streaming on all platforms through Label Étiquette.


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