Steve Ray Ladson Releases Single 'Do You Know'

March 16, 2020

The R&B artist Steve Ray Ladson released his single "Do You Know" last month and its one of the most pleasant love songs to grace our ears in a long time. He is a multi-instrumentalist and touring member of the five-time Grammy award winning Blind Boys Of Alabama, as well as bassist of Robert Randolph And The Family Band. Ladson is a man of many talents and its evident through his single that he has more to offer. He's currently gearing up to release his album later this spring.


"The song has a unique feel, relating between R&B, folk, country and some pop," said Ladson. "It simply asks a question. Do you know how it feels when you’ve found something real and you love someone. A lot of people don’t realize what it's like to have real love or someone who genuinely cares about them. Despite what occurs in their relationship. It’s universal; not only for lovers, but friends as well." The song's concept first came together, while Ladson was on tour in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. "I was spending an evening with a few friends that I write with often. This particular day I picked up the acoustic guitar and just began to sing "do you know?" over and over and over until I made a voice memo for it. Later I came up with the rest of the lyrics and the bridge but it was inspired in the south in an area where major hit records have spawned. I produced it in such a manner where it comes across as commercial and acceptable for all ages, genres, and ethnicities of people. It was a natural single because it just moves you the moment the music begins. It’s a happy song with a happy feeling and the world needs happy feelings and often reminders about what we do and do not know about our family, friends, and people around you. So I ask the question to the world today, “Do You Know?”"


At just 31 years old, Ladson has been working diligently to make a name for himself and he has done just that in a short time. This latest single is everything funk and soulful. Shot in black and white, it gives off a very 50s/60s vibe with a catchy tune that will have you humming and singing along before the song is even over.


"I played all the instruments in the shoot and had my background singers (Bleu) come in and sing their parts to the track," shared Ladson. "With the song having a flashback feel with a new school twist, I decided to shoot it as though it was in the days of Ray Charles, Chuck Berry, Etta James, Wilson Pickett etc. I gave Russ the vision and he came up with the storyboard and we nailed it."


He had traveled to California to record the track with at his friends Gregg Sartiano's home studio then finished the track by mixing and mastering with another engineer Cory Plaugh in his hometown in South Carolina.


"We’ve worked together for many years so he knows my sound and knows exactly what I am looking for which allowed the process to be smooth and quick," said Ladson. SoulTracks premiered the single earlier this week, commenting how he "dives into an old school R&B/pop tale of that warm feeling inside in discovering a forever love." Musically, the tune builds "a warm setting that never overpowers this sweet, soul soundtrack," with Ladson's falsetto and accompanying female background vocals all building the hook.

Watch the music video for "Do You Know" here.

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