RIELL Releases First Music Video 'Stubborn'

March 12, 2020

On February 19th, RIELL released the first of five music videos "Stubborn". These videos will be released to tell a story through visuals and music.


"My brand new single, “Stubborn,” is a toxic warning dressed up in romance and excitement. While the beat is bright, poppy and pretty, the lyrics and meaning are quite dark and sinister. “Stubborn” was inspired after dating someone who threatened to commit suicide if I ever tried to leave him, but refused to get professional help. The relationship itself stemmed from an insecure need to feel needed, and a desire to fix people surrounding me – almost like playing God." - RIELL


RIELL is set to release a 7-track solo debut record which had taken her two years to complete while touring around the world with her last project. This album will be released as a visual album with five music videos. With her powerful and haunting vocals, she is able to capture the essence of her lyrics greatly.

Watch the music video for "Stubborn" here.


Make sure to check out RIELL through the social media links below and keep a look out for her next release on March 19th.


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