Power Through Terror with Great American Ghost

March 5, 2020

On Wednesday February 26th, Great American Ghost destroyed the stage at The Kingsland in Brooklyn, NY.


Fans lost their minds once they hit the stage and continued to be relentless throughout their set. Two stepping, moshing, and screaming out the lyrics to their songs, the Kingsland remained as insane as it always is.


Founded in 2012, this four piece band from Boston consists of Ethan Harrison with his bloodthirsty vocals, Niko Gasparrini on guitar, Joey Perron on bass, Davier Perez on drums. Their sound is something all their own as they identify as metal but they also have a hardcore and metalcore sound to them at times. Although their music is heavy, the band members themselves are some of the nicest guys you'll meet in the scene.


On January 16th, they released the title track "Altar of Snakes" in preparation for their new album Power Through Terror (out now). This song and album are everything you would expect of these guys, angry, full of heavy riffs and drums, and every song stands out in its own way leaving you waiting for what these guys have in store for us next.


Check out the music video for "Altar of Snakes" here.


When speaking about his own vocals, Ethan Harrison stated, “No matter how much my dudes listen to Meshuggah and Gojira, I’m always going to sound like I love American Nightmare, because I do.

"Power Through Terror represents the means by which the people in control of our world obtain their power. When we were writing the record I looked around and saw our world leaders using their media mouthpieces to sow war and fear to make people believe that they needed those leaders in order to be safe. I saw child sex rings being uncovered and then completely ignored and under-reported after their ring leaders 'committed suicide.' It was disgusting I felt frustrated with people being brainwashed to give up their rights to officials that deal with fear. That's where the title comes from — it's power being obtained through terrifying acts." - Frontman Ethan Harrison told Revolver Magazine

They just wrapped up their tour with Bodysnatcher, Born a New, and special guests on select dates. In NYC they played with Vendetta, Court Order, and Planetary Alignment as special guests. Be sure to keep a look out for their new tour which will be a lot sooner rather than later.


Snag a copy of Great American Ghost new album Power Through Terror now, you won't be disappointed. And also make sure to follow these guys on social media and keep up to date with what they have coming next.


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