The Deadnotes Tackle Mental Health On New Track "Never Perfect"

March 4, 2020

Recently, Germany's indie-rockers The Deadnotes released an incredibly honest and powerfully eye opening track titled "Never Perfect," which dives into mental health and all of the struggles and coping mechanisms that come with instability. Any listener who has battled various mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and many others will find themselves in this track.


Check out the music video for "Never Perfect" here.


Singer Darius Lohmüller screams out to be heard, wanting so desperately to save himself and feel some sense of normalcy. He knows that he is pulling another character down, but promises that he will take care of himself in order to get better. The band is calling out for more awareness towards these issues in every day lives, and working to end the stigma that surrounds mental health and asking for help. They are donating three Euro from each sale of the special edition pressing of their latest album, "Control," as well as one Euro from every ticket sale to two charities that fight for this cause.


Information about these efforts can be found at Help Musicians / Music Minds Matter and Ni9ht H3lps. Don't forget to check out their socials to keep up to date with what they have going on.


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