Valley of The Sun makes a stop in Brooklyn

February 28, 2020

The winter chill was no match for Cincinatti's Valley of the Sun, whose classic rock and roll energy instantly lit up The Kingsland, a small bar tucked away in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

VOTS were the third of five bands on this wild tour, but despite their center slot, they had the crowd screaming for an encore. Chris Sweeney's vibrating bass lines and Ryan Ferrier's impressive vocals quickly won over the crowd, with murmurs about his strong pipes echoing around the room. Even being pressed into a corner, their hold over the crowd was obvious - and if there were any doubts over the music, lots of eyes were focused on guitarist Josh Pilot's playful antics as well. As the crowd pushed their way into the bar after the set came to an end, it was hard to pass someone who wasn't still in awe about what they had just witnessed, whether they were already a fan or just discovering the Valley for the first time. Lex Vegas, drummer extraordinaire and the newest member of the band, was described as being a "f'n baller," to much agreement. Valley of the Sun will be touring around the US through the end of the month, and then exploring Europe over the summer. Get into the pit when they roll through your town - this band isn't one to sleep on. Don't forget to check out their socials below.


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