Finally A Female Driven Rock Band

February 24, 2020


Central New Jersey indie-rock band, Pollyanna, is here with their latest single, "Good For You", accompanied by a music video! The trio consists of Jill Beckett (Lead Singer & Guitarist), Dan McCool (Drummer), and Brandon Bolton (Bassist). Their band name, Pollyanna, is defined as "unreasonably or illogically optimistic", which goes hand-in-hand with their lighthearted yet motivated manner. 






It is definitely refreshing to listen to an edgy and rule-breaking band with a female lead. It brings a different energy that people aren't necessarily used to hearing. Front-woman Jill Beckett explained that, "'Good For You' is about being completely and brutally honest in a relationship. It explains that you and that specific someone are just not right for each other. It's inevitable that you will have to rip the bandaid off and end the relationship despite the circumstances.


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