Levels Releases 'Encapsulate'

February 21, 2020

Last month, the Little Rock, Arkansas based progressive metalcore djent band Levels released their single "Encapsulate". This latest release is a follow up of their 2019's single "Fade" proving that they have found their sound that sets them apart from the bands that originally influenced them.


Formed in 2015, their aim is to make music that stands out and they have done just that. This group consists of Jake Sanders (vocals), Dalton Kennerly (drums/vocals), Rob Mathews & Jager Felice (guitar); and Jacob Hubbard (bass). Each of their talents shines through each song they produce putting them in a spectrum all their own.


'Encapsulate’ is about a struggle with anxiety. It explains the thought process one might go through when they try their hardest to be the best they can be, but question if that is good enough. It questions whether or not we are just wasting our efforts...like it's all for nothing...if in the end we are always going to be exactly who we were meant to be


Watch the "Encapsulate" music video here.


The video focuses on the band shot in black and white. It was produced and edited by the bands drummer Dalton Kennerly which channels the groups high intensity and volatile live energy.


Josh Stewart shows off his clean vocals with both anguish and anger as a guest vocalist. Without taking away from the song itself, he very nicely becomes complementary to it.


Jeff Dunne is the producer of the song, you may know him for doing the same for Motionless in White, Emmure, and Fit For A King. Dunne does an amazing job at making the song sound cohesive by focusing on each individual member and capturing it beautifully. 


"We make music that we would like to hear and focus on our stage presence just as much as the composition of our songs."


Starting in March, Levels will be going on their North American Tour with Living Machines:


Levels is set to release their EP later this year so keep track of them through their social media links below. If these guys swing into your town, make sure you don't miss them.


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