Mackenzie Nicole Drops Her Album On Valentine’s Day

February 15, 2020

 Mackenzie Nicole has dropped her album Mystic on Valentine’s Day. Not only is February 14th a day of showing love and appreciation to others, but it is also a day of showing love and appreciation to oneself, which aligns perfectly with her album.


Mackenzie explains, “This album is autobiographical and documents a crucial period of my life. When the time came to begin creating the album, I knew I needed to chronicle my odyssey of mental health and wellness. Thus, Mystic was born.” 


In 2018, Mackenzie Nicole released her debut album, The Edge. This album garnered over 1 million Spotify streams, more than 8 million YouTube views, and lead to several sold-out shows. But Mackenzie has bigger goals for Mystic. The album was born from severe mental health struggles, which she has come out of stronger than ever. On February 29th, Mackenzie Nicole will continue to use her platform to open the discussion of mental health by performing and speaking at TedX Ted Talks at the University of Nevada.

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