Sleep House Releases Heartbreak Anthem Just In Time For Valentines Day

February 14, 2020

 Ever lost the person you’re meant to be with, and have no other choice but to accept it? Sleep House definitely has, and if you relate, you’ll love “Stephanie,” your heartbreak anthem for this Valentine’s Day. “Stephanie,” the new single from band Sleep House, is all about being in love with someone and accepting heartache—but, despite it, they are willing to wait their whole lives to see her again. They represent the feeling of letting go of someone, even though it’s the hardest part of love.


Sleep House consists of New Jersey natives Nicholas Gardyasz, Adam Mink, Evan Marcinko and Nick Marcinko. They are an alternative pop band and draw their inspiration from the likes of The Smith, The Strokes, and more. They started off by playing open mics locally, but as of October 2018, they had their own body of work entirely produced and written by them—There Is No Time for Romance, including their most successful song, “Her.” Check out their newest release, “Don’t You Cry” now!


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