Devin Kennedy is Not "Happy Yet"

February 12, 2020

Berklee College of Music graduate, Devin Kennedy, is here with his latest single, "Happy Yet". Since his 2018 music industry debut, Devin has been named Hollywood Music in Media's "Best New Emerging Artist", he has surpassed 1.5 million streams, sold out shows, as well as have had his music placed on MTV and XBox. 


His addicting new single, "Happy Yet", dives into internet culture and how it affects our minds and mental health. With lyrics like, "I look at all these things, and I'm not happy yet / Where do I buy happiness?", Devin is making a statement to embrace yourself and your own uniqueness, as opposed to trying to mold yourself into something that you're not, which won't lead to happiness. 


His flawless vocals, impressive range, and unique tone lead us into a stunning soundscape of rhythmic pop goodness. This is the kind of song that you could listen to on repeat, and find new things that you love about it each time you listen to it. 


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