A Chat With Hello Forever

February 10, 2020

Hello Forever is here with their latest single and music video for "I Want To Marry You", off of their forthcoming album, Whatever It Is, which is set to release on February 21st. Their free-spirited nature from their communal lifestyle is reflected in their ambient harmonies and vintage visuals presented in their music video. 

  • How does it feel to release your debut album?

It’s a joy and kind of a blur. We’ve never put out a record before so it feels really nice to share music with the world. We’re really looking forward to making new music.

  • How does your unique environment contribute to the music that you make?

We live communally, outside the city in nature and it’s super productive. We’re always together in the mix and being away from the city gives us clarity. It allows the music to speak for itself. 

  • What inspired your album artwork?

We actually found a cool artist, Cassidy Rae Marietta, who makes really beautiful hand drawn and digital images. I just felt like it reflected the spirit of the music so we reached out and Cassidy wanted to do the album art.

  • What is your favorite song from the album?

It’s hard to choose a favorite child. Some are more fun to play live. 

  • What do you want your listeners and fans to take away from your music?

Anything that is meaningful or helpful or a distraction from things they need distraction from. Any meaning or experience that helps them on their journey is great by me. 


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