C. SHIROCK's Heart Renching Video

February 6, 2020

C. SHIROCK, or Chuck Sirock, used to be frontman for internationally acclaimed band, SHIROCK. However, his new solo music cuts to the core of his identity, and helps us explore him even deeper. This particular song, "Lost To The Night," delivers personal lyrics with an anthemic chorus, and provides the audience with vulnerability and intelligent pop music comparable to Peter Gabriel and David Bowie. Born in the United States and now living in Nashville, C. SHIROCK comes from a family of creative musicians. He grew up playing piano, writing, and composing from an early age. His skill comes through with his art, particularly with this track. "Lost To The Night” by C. SHIROCK focuses on the story of eagerly waiting for the return of a loved one, something I’m sure most of us can relate to. The video vividly encapsulates the relationship between the two brothers, and the colors perfectly show you the emotion going through both of them throughout the story, which makes it enticing for the viewers from start to finish. You can clearly see the effect of Shirock’s cultural influences both on his music, as he incorporates facets of melodic and pop with hints of classical. Regardless of genre, the music is very vulnerable and easy to connect with, a rarity in pop music today. This leap of identity as frontman of a band to being his own artist has been a true evolution. 


Checkout the music video for "Lost To The Night" here.


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