Little Dume Released Waking Up As A Call Out For Climate Change

January 24, 2020

 LA alt/pop band, Little Dume, has just released their debut EP, Waking Up


On their recent trip to British Columbia, they performed the title track on an actual glacier. As the song progresses, you can hear the fragile glacier crack throughout the whole canyon. This moving performance was a cry out from the Earth to bring light onto climate change.

These songs come from an honest, and to be frank, some sad places. The EP’s title track is about Frank Ulf’s (my grandfather) relationship to reality and his sweet dreams. In his last moments, he told me that when we went to sleep he’d be 20 again; running, dancing, living his best life with his wife, my grandma. The overall theme is to live life with no regrets. Every song is an ode to what life has been like for us. Good or bad, you have to make the most of it, and it’s a lot easier when you have people by your side to help you. We are waking up together.” - David Sandborg (Singer) 


These Malibu natives are masters at allowing their listeners to connect to their emotions, while reminding us to protect our planet. 


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