Metal & Ghost Stories

January 18, 2020


In the summer of 2015, the band Ovtlier (pronounced Outlier) set out to become New York's latest Nu-Metal/Metalcore band. Soon after, this band made a big name for themselves with the release of their 2017 EP What Does Kill You. It's evident that this band is greatly influenced by 80's and 90s grunge/nu-metal scene which you can hear throughout their EP with songs such as "Vice" and "Set the World in Flames".


Back in November 2019, they released the track titled, "Spineless" featuring the Texas heavy hitter Danny Leal of the heavy metal band Upon a Burning Body. The original video which doesn't feature Leal, is shot in red lighting showing a lack of control to have medicated drugs force fed to yet another victim of society. The song and video touch on the horrors of society's use of drugs and how the public is used as lab rats and test subjects without their knowledge. At the end of the video, the victim transforms into something straight out of Hawkins Labs while a man in a. suit sits at a table watching this happen through security footage without a care in the world while he was a drink. The inspiration for this song stems from the bands vocalist, Joey Arena's personal experience of watching his grandmother pass away. 


Last month, Arena showed he's more than just a talented vocalist, he also likes to hunt and talk to ghosts. Recently, he joined and co-hosted the paranormal investigation series GHOSTATIC with long time friend Adamo Fiscella. In this debut episode, they investigate Canal Tavern, a village in Zoar, Ohio. It is said that this particular town had a mass outbreak of Cholera in the early 1800's that wiped out about 75% of the population of this village. During this time, the bodies of nearly 50 people were stored in the basement, stock piled on top of each other where people now have private events with no clue as to the horrors that have happened here. It's believed that there are nearly 100 spirits that still linger here with some known by name, George and Allen. An unknown man was hit by a train right outside on the property back when there was a train track and his spirit is said to still be lingering about the property. Shadows, cold spots, and movement of items are just some of the unexplained things to happen here. It was even said that a chef who would play metal music reported that the spirits didn't like the music and they would start to move things around in protest. Through this half hour episode, Fiscella and Arena make contact with multiple spirits that try to communicate with them as they try and provoke a reaction. You have to see it for yourself and hear how they capture the sprits trying to speak.


If you're a fan of horror, ghost stories, and paranormal activity then you should check out this episode of GHOSTATIC. And if you're looking for a new metal band to check out, don't forget to click the links below to hear Ovtlier for yourself. They have no tour dates set just yet but keep an eye out for this band and catch them on their next tour.


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