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January 15, 2020

Saturday December 28th, 2019, Unearth and GWAR played a packed show at the Warsaw in Brooklyn, NY. The crowd eagerly awaited and was ready in a sea of white t-shirts just waiting for GWAR to hit the stage and drench them with different fluid

The metalcore band Unearth from Boston, MA played an insanely heavy set before GWAR put on another great show. Formed in 1998, Unearth has proven that a band can still remain true to themselves after all this time and still wow fans with every performance and every album. Consisting of Trevor Phipps (Vocals), Ken Susi & Buz McGrath (Guitar), Nick Pierce (Drums), and Chris O'Toole (Bass), these guys know how to put on a great show and make their fans have a great time encouraging them to throw down in the pit with no regrets.



Headlining this tour was none other than the most notorious rock shock horror band GWAR. If you haven't heard of this band by now then you just simply aren't paying attention or living under a rock. They've been making waves of controversy with their in your face stage presence and ever rotating lineup since 1984 right out of Richmond, VA. One of the major things about this band is that they put on a real live show and while they do it, they make fun of everything and everyone then cut some limbs off of stage props to drench the crowd in fake blood, urine, and semen. Currently the band consists of The Berserker Blothar (Vocals), BälSäc & Pustulus Maximus (Guitar), Beefcake (Bass), JiZMak da Gusha (Drums), BONESNAPPER (Bodyguard), SawBorg Destructo (Nemesis), and Sleazy P. Martini (Manager).


Going to a GWAR show means you become the show and that's exactly why they've been so successful for this many years. Although no founding members are currently in the band, many lost to leaving or passing away over the years, it doesn't stop the fans from still supporting them and going to their shows. Words and photos can never truly show what it's like to be at one of their insane and crazy shows but if I could use one word, I would have to say Moist. The Slave Pit is for those who are ready and can handle the excitement and mostly for those who don't offend easily.


On stage, the band members hardly have any of their skin covered and the wear many fake genital pieces that only add to the hilarity of this band. They like to say their origin is from that they were an intergalactic fighting force called the Scumdogs of the Universe and were sent on a mission to take over the Earth after becoming the worst of the worst. All of this just adds to their theatrical performances and makes it that much funnier to see one of their performances.


If you ever plan to see these wild men live, make sure to wear white, and just have a good time. The Slave Pit awaits you.



GWAR: Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Myspace | Spotify

Unearth: Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Myspace Spotify


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