Dreamers in Kansas City, MO

December 5, 2019

Dreamers have been on tour this fall with Arrested Youth and American Teeth to support their recent album Launch Fly Land, which was released back in April. Dreamers are serious about bringing the heat to the stage for every performance, they put their heart into their music and it shows. Dreamers are close with each other and their fans, it was like one big happy family in the room when they played in Kansas City, Missouri at The Record Bar. 

Dreamers are easily recognizable by their unique synths, bass lines and catchy lyrics. They are doing things no other artist/band is doing in the music industry and it is easy to see that it is paying off. Dreamers shows are an experience in themselves, they have blinding stage lights, they crowd surfed and even got down into the crowd throughout their set.

Their set list did not have an encore, but the crowd go their way and Dreamers ended up playing two more songs to end the night. They did not come out, as a band, after the show, but made sure to give as many high fives and hugs as possible from stage before they exited.



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