Conan Gray 'Comforts' Boston's House of Blues

November 21, 2019


This past Wednesday, Conan Gray, up-and-coming pop act, visited Boston's House of Blues on 'The Comfort Crowd Tour.' Having garnered his fanbase through his YouTube channel, plus his 2018 EP, Sunset Season, this was Gray’s first full cross-country tour. 


Young fans shrieked with excitement waiting for the 20-year-old singer. Opening with “The King,” Conan matched his fans’ energy. Confident, Gray danced through the stage greeting all who came.  Following we’re sing-alongs to two of his more popular songs, “Generation Why” and “Comfort Crowd."


Gray’s standout performance of the night was his track, “Lookalike," the finale to his 2018 EP. With just him on stage, at a slower pace, the crowd was quiet and observant to the story Conan told. “I know in your head, you see me instead, 'cause he looks a lot like I did back then.” Tears flowed from numerous fans throughout the venue. More notably, parents of fans who had been sitting in the back noticeably grew more intrigued with Gray’s raw emotion and vocals.


Noting that he was working on his first full-length LP, Conan Gray shared a new song, titled “The Story.” This honest song gave fans a little more insight to Conan’s life growing up. Family, friendships, and the struggles of constantly moving in such a developmental stage of a child’s life. Following shortly after was the song that really grew Conan’s name as more than just a YouTuber - “Idle Town."



The energy came back up at the end of the show, as there would be no encore. A fun cover of the Jonas Brothers’ “Burnin’ Up” was played, as well as his newly Tik-Tok famous hit, “Maniac.”

Admittingly not knowing anything about Tik-Tok, the fans were eager to teach Conan, as they passed a fan’s phone up to the stage. Laughing, he turned on the front-facing camera and yelled the lyrics with his fans.


Announcing the next song would be his last, fans let out a resounding, “noooo!” Jokingly, Gray rebutted, “C’mon, I made a Tik-Tok with y’all!” And with that, he ended the night with his popular single, “Crush Culture.”



With only a few dates left, Conan Gray’s 'The Comfort Crowd Tour' ends mid-December. Search for your date HERE, or look at the flyer below.


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