Grandson and nothing,nowhere. Finish Tour in Kansas City, MO

October 24, 2019

Grandson and nothing,nowhere. ended "The End of the Beginning" tour in Kansas City, Missouri on October 19. Grandson and nothing,nowhere. complemented each other well on this tour with their similar styles of music that make it their own unique take. 


nothing,nowhere.’s set was a wonderful blend of emo and alternative. They got the crowd pumped and ready to rock out to Grandson. nothing,nowhere. is a stage name, like Grandson, for Joseph Mulherin who writes and primarily produces his own music. He does have a group of musicians to perform live with, though. It was easy to see that they were just as excited to be there as everyone else was.



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Grandson really strives to make his concerts nothing but a safe place for his fans. His message to us is that if we are unhappy in a job, friendship, relationship, or the path of life, you have the power to change that. You can change whatever you want, even if you feel like you can’t or might be scared to. His other message to everyone is that we have the power. We are the future, so we have to vote. In fact, there was a table set up in the venue to register fans to vote.

Jordan stepped out on stage supporting a freshly shaved head after his newly released music video for “Oh No." The music video is a social experiment to show what strangers would do with a table full of items in just three minutes. One of the items happened to be a pair of hair clippers. Let’s just say things got a little weird... Take four minutes to check out the video here.



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I loved seeing Grandson interact with fans while on stage. If he noticed someone singing a whole song word for word, he would point it out. After one song, in particular, he asked a fans name because they had been going all out. I also really loved seeing the slides that were shown on the two big screens throughout the show. I’ve seen other artists do similar things, but I really loved the imagery he had for his show. Grandson definitely brings the heat to the stage. I’ve not see a crowd go that crazy in a long time. If you have not heard of Grandson, I’d definitely recommend streaming his music on Spotify right now or seeing his live performance next time he is in a city near you.

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