Johnny Booth Opens up for Moon Tooth in Brooklyn, NY

October 22, 2019

On Wednesday October 16th, Long Island underground hardcore band, Johnny Booth destroyed the stage at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, NY opening up for Moon Tooth.


Johnny Booth is taking hardcore music to a whole other level with their individual sound. It's almost hard to pinpoint which side of the metal spectrum they fall under, but that's just the charm of listening to these guys.


As Johnny Booth played, fans made sure to open the pit and run up to the stage to head bang and scream into the microphone to become apart of the show. There was hardly a moment the band and the fans stopped moving until their set was over, which made it a challenge for anyone near the pit to remain safe from moving bodies.



This five piece band includes Andrew Herman (vocals), Ryan Strong (guitar and vocals), Adam Halpern (guitar), Nick Martell (bass), and Scott Owens (drums). Each member brings to the stage what makes this band a treat to see perform live. Not only are they great performers, they also loving meeting the fans to chat after their set. So if you ever get the opportunity to see these guys, snag a ticket, see them perform (maybe even throw down in the pit); make sure to stick around to meet them afterwards.


One thing is for certain, it's just a matter of time before everyone knows their name.


Johnny Booth just finished off their tour starting in Brooklyn, NY on October 16th to October 22 where they performed in Worcester, MA at Ralph’s Rock Diner with Moon Tooth and Cryptodira. Until the next time they are back on tour (most certainly it will be sooner rather than later), listen to their latest album Firsthand Accounts which they self-released earlier this year.


So if you need a new heavy band to listen to, give these guys a chance because they won't disappoint you. This band is worthy of playing on repeat.


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