The Greeting Committee

October 17, 2019

Earlier this month, indie rock bands The Greeting Committee and Bombay Bicycle Club took the Royale's stage in Boston. Fans waited in line for an hour after doors in anticipation for the hyped show, and did not leave disappointed.


I will admit, I had never heard The Greeting Committee before this show. I have heard bits and pieces of raving reviews from friends, but that was all. I had no expectations going in. Everything about their set from their music, to their stage presence, to their clear enjoyment and humility blew me away. This is a band that embodies stellar indie rock style. Even those in the audience that didn’t know their music were dancing along and cheering constantly throughout their performance. Photographing them was incredibly easy. Every member of the band was photogenic, putting so much energy and dynamism into their performance.


The Greeting Committee

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By the time Bombay Bicycle Club took the stage, the audience was full of that energy as well. When the lights started flashing, the crowd went crazy for the English indie rockers before they even started playing. To no one’s surprise, the bands positivity and upbeat style shined through their performance and had everyone on their feet and dancing.


Bombay Bicycle Club

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Having been to the Royale a multitude of times, Bombay's set may be the most involved in a performance I have ever seen a crowd there. The lighting was beautifully executed and was exactly what they needed to add even more life to their already flourishing set. I cannot recommend these two bands enough!

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