Fans fill the Gramercy Theatre for Kublai Khan TX

October 16, 2019

On Wednesday October 9th, fans filled Gramercy Theatre to throw down and head bang to some of the heaviest bands in metal. One of those bands was none other than Kublai Khan TX.


From Northern Texas, this four piece metalcore/hardcore band hit the stage proving why they deserve the recognition the metal world has given them. Their entire set was filled with a lot of energy as Matt Honeycutt the vocalist danced, jumped, and took control of the stage with his bandmates Nolan Ashley (guitarist), Isaac Lamb (drummer), and Eric English (bassist) who had done the same. There was barely a moment when any of them stopped to stay still and the crowd joined in to two-step and throw down to each song.


They played songs off the fan favorite and previously released album Nomad but they also made sure to play songs off of their latest album Absolute which was released on October 4th via Rise Records. There was a great balance between the songs their fans fell in love with and their latest album that fans are playing on repeat. They started their set with "Antpile" and ended their set with "The Hammer," both off of Nomad; which only left everyone in the room wanting more.



If you're looking for a new metalcore and/or hardcore band to listen to, these guys are more than worth your attention and time. They'll leave you wanting to two-step, dance, and throw down all at the same time. And to be honest, what isn't better than that?


Kublai Khan TX just finished their tour on October 13th with Shadow of IntentIngested, and Despised Icon. Soon they will be hitting the road with Deez Nuts abroad so if you get the chance, snag a ticket to see these guys live. Trust me when I say, you won't be disappointed, an it won't be the last time you see them either.


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