Orthodox Wants to Show You God

October 15, 2019

The Kingsland in Brooklyn, NY was filled with passionate fans that eagerly awaited to hit the pit and throw down to bands that were readying themselves to hit the stage earlier this month.


First up was Vyletongue who were the local metal band from Long Island, followed by Prison the straightforward in your face taboo lyric stricken alternative nü-metal powerhouse band from the East Coast. Then Orthodox, the hardcore and metal band hailing in from Nashville, TN, and Bodysnatcher metal heavy hitters from Florida played. Finally closing out the night was Slaughter to Prevail, the deathcore and death metal band reigning in from the UK.


Relentlessly, the fans moshed, two stepped, and screamed their hearts out to each band.


Vyletongue, Prison, and Slaughter to Prevail



One of those bands was none other than Orthodox to prove that vicious hardcore music is back and taking names.


From the very beginning of their set, Orthodox vocalist Adam made it a point to say "we are nowhere near as heavy as the other bands on this bill so I want to see you guys come forward and have a good time." This statement was proven wrong when the band started to play and the pit opened up throwing the crowd so far to the back of the room that some people were outside by the bar still trying to get a glimpse. They may not have been the same kind of heavy, but their music had their own intense heaviness that hardcore and metal fans alike could enjoy.


There wasn't a moment the crowd let up when their favorite songs were played. Many fans rushed the stage to grab the mic to get their chance to shine and they truly did. The intense energy of trying to survive the pit and the bands stage presence was enough for everyone to forget where they were to enjoy the music in the moment.


The blood thirsty vocals of Adam Easterling, intense bass slaps of Ben Bamford, electrifying drum beats of Mike White and skin crawling guitar riffs of Austin Evans is only a small taste of what this band makes up together and what they bring to the stage.





Orthodox played songs off of their first LP that was released in 2017 as well as some new material such as their latest release of "I Can Show You God" off their highly anticipated second LP with Unbeaten Records, coming soon.


Orthodox is currently on tour through October 26 with Slaughter to Prevail, Bodysnatcher, Prison, and local bands that aren't announced until the show. If they swing into your town, I recommend snagging a ticket and not missing this insane lineup. Just remember, if you hit the pit; make sure you're ready to throw down as if your life depends on it. 


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