Potent Pop From Payson Lewis

October 11, 2019

Indie-pop artist, Payson Lewis, just graced us with his latest single, "Nothing To You." This tune is the perfect nod to something that everyone can relate to, leaving an unhealthy relationship. With Payson's EP, Take Me Apart, on the horizon, he is buzzing to release some ground-breaking pop that will change the game. 



GMAT: What inspired you to write "Nothing To You"?


PL: Well, I know I'm not the only one, but I had been in a relationship that I lost myself in. Everything I did was for my partner, and I found myself feeling like a shell of who I really am. So even though I knew it would hurt, I knew that at the end of the day I needed to be me.


GMAT: When did you first discover that you wanted to be a musician?


PL: I can't remember a specific time or place that it started really. But I've literally been singing and writing music for most of my life. I admit that I don't think I took it for much more than a hobby until I moved to Los Angeles when I was 19. Then, being surrounded by musicians and the creative energy of this city really motivated me and inspired me to create my own music and my own sound.


GMAT: What is your dream?

PL: Well, other than saving the planet and world peace, which would both be great, personally, I just want to be able to continue making music. And hope that my music can bring some happiness to the people who listen to it. Really all it comes down to for me is bringing love and music to a world that needs a lot more of it. We're all in this together. I just want to make it better for some people along the way. Hope my music can do that.


GMAT: Was there anything unique about the process of making "Nothing To You"?

PL: I think the coolest thing about this song was that I wrote it with my dope friend and collaborator Brooke Jenkins, and we literally wrote this song within hours of the first time we met. We had a mutual music friend who put us in touch and literally over the course of three hours, we had an awesome new friendship and a killer song we were proud of. Ever since she and I have been writing a ton and have a bunch more music coming.


Take a listen to "Nothing To You" here!


GMAT: What is next for you?

PL: Well, simply put, a lot of music. "Nothing to You" is just the first bit of a new wave of new music and new videos from me. So stay tuned, I'm incredibly excited about what's coming up soon!


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