FLYTE's Tour with Jade Bird Takes Off in Boston, MA

October 10, 2019

On their first day of tour with Jade Bird, English band FLYTE had an unexpected halt. A member of the band came across an unexpected family emergency, but the show went on. Will Taylor and Nicolas Hill performed acoustically, and were just as tight as if they had the full four-piece.


The mood was a bit solemn but the guys brightened it by joking of the Boston Tea Party, since they are from London. 


The set began with their single “White Roses”. Throughout the night, FLYTE played many unreleased songs acoustically, such as “Mistress America”. This added to the exclusivity of the set - it’s as if you were in the practice room or recording studio with the Taylor and Hill, listening in on their new works. An unreleased track, “Never Get To Heaven”,was my personal favorite, as Taylor’s emotion and harmonies were hauntingly beautiful. 


The night ended with FLYTE’s most recognizable song, “Faithless”, released in 2017. 



FLYTE’s tour with Jade Bird continues through October in North America.

Visit FLYTE’s website for tour dates and tickets.

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