Nashville's Arts Fishing Club Plays at Northwest Missouri State University

October 5, 2019

Arts Fishing Club, a Nashville indie rock band with influences from country and folk, played at Northwest Missouri State University on September 28, 2019.


What was supposed to be an outside evening performance quickly turned into an inside one. After it had been raining all day, not as many people were coming out to the show as one would hope. However, Arts Fishing Club were just as happy and excited to put on a show for those who were there.


Arts Fishing Club had a few fill ins for their performance because a few of the other members could not make it. Despite this, they grooved and made me want to get up and move! At one point during the show, the band talked about one of their first tours and how they did it all on foot; they stayed on part of the east coast and it took them about four months to complete it, talk about dedication! The saying “You can’t judge someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes," really takes on a new meaning here.



Arts Fishing Club has the ability to make and create something beautiful that I have not yet heard. They have many different aspects of different genres that all come together and it blends beautifully. They left me in awe and wanting more after their set was over. They are unique - not only with their music abilities and songwriting, but how they portray themselves and their vision as a band.


Arts Fishing Club is not afraid to show their emotion on stage or through music and had me empathizing with them during their performance. I was super impressed with their set, and I think they are going to take the world by storm someday.


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