Lilly Yan Wants To Get "Lost In You"

September 20, 2019

Georgia based artist, Lilly Yan, is here with her latest single, "Lost In You." It is giving us all of the 80's vibes that we didn't know we needed. This song is truly a dreamy escape that is bursting with magical sounds. Lilly's fluttering vocals and soulful tone put you into a chill-like state, along with the track's euphoric production.



"Lost In You" makes it seem like you are listening to an 80's movie, where Lilly is the star. She is embarking into a young love scene with lyrics like, "And when you hold me, my heart starts to skip a beat or two. With slow dancing, all else fades and it's just me and you. And when you kiss me time stands still and all I wanna do is stay wrapped in your arms and get lost in you." In this moment, you can almost visualize the quintessential scene in an 80's movie where the girl and the guy that everyone is routing for have a moment on the dance floor at prom, and have their first kiss. Lilly Yan has a gift of transporting her listeners into a dream that you don't want to wake up from. 


Take a listen to "Lost in You" here! 



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