Bastille Brings Their Doom Day Tour, Part 1, To Boston, MA

September 20, 2019


This week, London band Bastille began their tour in support of their newest album Doom Days, which was released earlier this summer. At their second stop of the tour in Boston, Massachusetts, at the Rockland Trust Bank Pavilion, Dan Smith lead the crowd of 5,000 ecstatic fan through a journey of a typical night of his. From a quarter past midnight, to the rising sun toward 8:00 am, the tour visuals showed a clock on screen to further tell the story.


The show, split into three acts, was captivating from start to finish. The show started with their single, “Quarter Past Midnight," then “Send Them Off!," and “Things We Lost In The Fire”; Smith matched the crowd’s energy, reaching every point on the stage to engage everyone in attendance. 


“Bad Decisions”, a tune that could fit any solemn, regretful situation, was turned more timely, as the “window” on screen reflected current issues around the United States, and the rest of the world. The British band acknowledged the hard times and political climate of America with images of anti-NRA protests and Black Lives Matter marches. Images of world-wide problems, like smoking, alcoholism, and poverty were also shown.


Act 1 was brought to a close on a high note. With their 2011 hit “Flaws," Dan Smith performed throughout the crowd, and greeted each of the band’s fans.


“We tried to make a party album...but obviously it’s us, so it’s depressing as f*ck,” said Smith. Act 2 of the set, titled “Those Nights," brought the energy down to a more introspective place. A couch appeared on stage, with “Doom Days” spray painted on the back,  The couch’s platform spun, reflective of a spiraling episode, as Smith solemnly sang with his hoodie up. “Now we’ve reached the real pit of despair,” Smith laughs as the band jumps into “ When I Watch The World Burn All I Think About Is You."


Act 3, “The Morning Doesn’t Reach Us”, gives fans one last chance to rejoice with Bastille.

Despite the venue being seated, Smith and the crowd all crouched in unison and jumped to their song “Of The Night”.


“We don’t want to leave stage and come back and all that bullsh*t...we want to spend time with you!” Smith exclaims, before their last few songs. Transporting the crowd to a “rave in the 90’s,'' Bastille played “A Million Pieces." Finally, the show ended with their radio hit, “Pompeii." Smith jokes, “If you know this’ve probably never heard it us out.” And that is just what the crowd did, sing in unison, “but if you close your eyes."

The Doom Days Part 1 Tour continues into October throughout North America with support band, Joywave. See the flyer below for a date near you, or visit Bastille’s website for tickets.




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