The Perfect Bedroom Pop EP

September 16, 2019

Pinkish/Blushing, released on September 8, is A Magenta Pall's third EP. Consisting of 7 tracks, the EP brings a diary of thoughts and feelings from off the page, into bedroom pop style songs about love, hurt, and everything in between. Pinkish/Blushing is a cohesive collection of tunes featuring whimsical beats and nostalgic vocals.



The track "Pinkish/Blushing" kicks off the EP with unexpected and unconventional pitched spoken words. Magenta's raw and unpolished vocals create an underground atmosphere for her to tell her stories. There is also a hazy vibe to the tune that goes against the norm with lyrics like, "I wanna know the kinda shape I take in your dreams, the kind of space in your mind." 


In "Eloise" Magenta makes light of her struggles with love through the unapologetic lyrics of, "I eat and dream and sing and only think of stupid things that I know can never happen." She also eludes to a relatable scenario of toxic relationships with, "I'm trying to get to a healthier headspace, but you're not letting me." 


Magenta really lets us into her world in track three, "Blunder," by singing, "And I'll never be happy with anyone." She is such a powerful voice for those who are struggling to find happiness, as she reminds us that we are not alone. 


"63 Years" is a very sweet track about her grandparents and their love that has flourished for so long. Her love letter includes lines like, "63 years and it never could have been enough time together." This track also has a surprise spoken work in the middle of the track, giving us some more insight into her life.


"Pushing Does Nothing" is a track many will identify with. It is really about hiding your hurt through a smile, and how no one knows what you're feeling, but you kind of wish they did. You want to feel comforted and receive attention, but don't want to come off as damaged or weak. So instead, Magenta explains it perfectly with the simple phrase of, "I'm pushing all my friends away." But what really hit home was the lyric, "And the one person who really hurt me is the only one who I can't raise my voice to," potentially referencing one of her parents. The song ends with unsettling sounds, leaving you feeling how she did.


"Perfume as a Distractor" is different from the rest of the tracks, as it is more melodic and has a bit of a different feel. Gracing us with the lyrics, "Tears fall from my eyes I cry, still want you all the time. Does that make me the bad guy?" Magenta breaks down what we have all felt before. It comes full circle with the title of the track, "Perfume as a Distractor," covering up and hiding issues with a pleasant facade. 


The last track of Pinkish/Blushing has to be my favorite. We really get to hear Magenta's higher range and harmonious builds in "Scary Fangs" with lyrics like, "You can't look me in my eyes anymore, you can't look me in my face." Dealing with a darker topic, she balances the feeling with lightness in her fantasy-like themes, "Theres a monster in the sink. We are trying not to blink. You've had way too much to drink." Towards the end of the song, instead of directing her words at someone else, she starts directing her words at herself with the lyrics, "I'm growing scary fangs," and "I've had way too much to drink." This song really takes you through the realization of becoming someone who you aren't. 


Be sure to stream A Magenta Pall's new EP on Bandcamp and all other streaming services! 



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