Luna Bec has the "Power To Change"

September 15, 2019

In the midst of what some are calling an environmental crisis, many believe we are helpless in counteracting the damage done to the planet. However, others are more hopeful.

Luna Bec’s newest single, “Power to Change," showcases that positive thinking in an acoustic call-to-action. This somber melody comes together with empowering lyrics to paint a well rounded image of the issue at hand.


Photo by Emma Viola Lilja


Think Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac vibes with a dreamier undertone. It is a 70’s style indie/psychedelic rock piece fueled by the same motivation as the decade’s environmental movement, making the style of the piece the perfect match for Bec’s inspirational message.

Being an acoustic single, it is through subtle details that this single is able to shine. When Bec sings about the destruction of forests, there is a percussive sound resembling the flick of a lighter repeating rhythmically behind the lyrics which continues throughout the rest of the song. Whether purposeful or not, this connotation strengthens the image of destruction even further.


Bec’s powerful lyrics are the most impactful component of this single. With phrases like “come fight for the air that you breathe” and “we planted our own seed,” she is not placing blame on any specific person or group, but on humanity as a whole. Despite the blame within her words, it does not come across as hateful. Bec sings, “come out of the shadows so your voice can be received” as a way of telling the audience that they are only at fault if they do nothing.


Nothing sang is necessarily jarring or shocking; what makes this song stand out is its ability to force us all to reflect on our actions, herself included. By choosing to say “we all have the power to change," she brings herself into the fight along with the rest of us.


Watch the video for "Power to Change" here:



Simply put, “Power to Change” is the exact message the modern environmental movement needs. People are often too busy pointing fingers to recognize their own positive or negative contributions. Luna Bec takes away the pressure of finding who is most at fault and places that responsibility on us all evenly. It is the perfect fight song for a victim incapable of speaking for themselves, making Bec the vehicle of truth that needs to be heard.


Connect with Luna Bec: Website | Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud | Spotify | Apple Music

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