Anna Wise Visits New York, NY

September 14, 2019

Grammy award-winning performer/producer Anna Wise brought her dreamlike persona to the Big Apple this past Sunday at (Le) Poisson Rouge in Manhattan. Best known for her sultry songwriting, Wise encapsulates a little bit of everything in her repertoire. Songs like “Nerve” and “Precious Possession” slither in and out of lo-fi pop, teetering on the edge of becoming something completely new as well. In a live setting, they flow together seamlessly. Though her setlist was a little less than ten tracks long, she certainly made them count. An Anna Wise show feels more like a ​moment​ - you are transported into the world she creates for herself on stage, as well as for her audience. It’s one of mysticism and mutual respect, authenticity and admiration. For the evening, it’s easy to forget where you are.






Wise was not afraid to get as inclusive and intimate as possible. With a single flashlight illuminating her frame, and a good amount of her set performed kneeling or sitting down, she made it a priority to get as personal with her crowd as she could. Wise’s ability to enrapture even the smallest backroom, however, might be the most impressive feat of all. Artists who go out of their way to form connections through their music are the ones that stay most prominently with someone. Anna Wise exceeds those expectations. It is only a matter of time before she finds a rightful home in bigger venues. Hopefully, the personality and poise of her performances only intensify from there.


Connect with Anna on Social Media: Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook


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